Village Transformation

Guatemala and its people are in severe need. Eighty percent of people in rural Guatemala live in poverty.

Resources are so limited that what they do have is often used immediately just to survive. Because of this, sustainable living is not an option, and even basic needs like food, medicine, and clean water are not accessible to most people.

We believe the people of Guatemala deserve a village transformation—one that drastically improves health, education, economics and, at the same time, their spiritual life.

You have the power to change lives from the ground up.

Village Transformation creates thriving communities that can look to themselves and God to achieve their dreams and improve upon their futures.

Village Transformation provides and opportunity for a hands-on, long-term mission project with direct on-the-ground personal involvement.

With Guatemala being a relatively short distance from anywhere in the U.S., not only can you help with construction in the village you are working in, but you can build a strong connection with those whose lives you are impacting for a better future.

Please consider how you can be a part of this effort to save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity to hurting individuals throughout Guatemala.


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